Investigate! is a interactive theatre piece and game about art crime, set in a museum or art gallery. The first version of it was performed as part of the Taku Tāmaki exhibition at Auckland Museum in September 2015 and is now being developed further. 

In 1895, a man “aged considerably over 50 years” broke into Auckland Museum and stole a collection of valuable and rare coins. The next day he drew attention to himself by trying to use one of the coins to buy a drink; he was quickly arrested, and most of the coins returned to the museum. Some of the coins have remained missing to this day, but within the last few months, mysterious messages and pictures have been sent to the museum that indicate that someone knows where the coins are, and might return them to the museum - but what do they want in return? In Investigate! audience members work in teams to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and even track and find suspects - all in the aim of solving one of the museum's longest standing mysteries.