bronwyn bent

Bullrush is a theatre company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We make theatre that is collaborative, either in its making or execution,  and encourages people to have an adventurous time in some way.  

We like making shows that people from all sorts of walks of life can be a part of in some way. 

Bullrush makes work that doesn't usually appear inside traditional theatre spaces: shows that tell stories that don't usually get told; and features actors and performers that don't usually get to be on stage. 

Bullrush is run by Bronwyn Bent, who works as a theatre maker across all types of theatre, and with all sorts of actors - from people who have never walked on a stage through to people who prefer to never leave one - and in all sorts of places, including warehouses, markets, strip parlours and Proper Theatres. 

photo credit: the amazing Janet Lilo

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